Lake Maggiore

We are talking about one of the most beautiful lakes in our country and, at the same time, one of the largest; the Lake Maggiore. This lake has such an ancient memory and history that make it one of the most valuable historical places in Italy.

Everyone observes the lake today but few know its history that dates back thousands of years. The origin of Lake Maggiore is undoubtedly glacial and, from the most ancient periods to today, the populations that have settled on Lake Maggiore are really many; from the Celts to the Gauls, from the Barbarians to the Romans up to the period of noble families such as that of the Visconti, the Sforza and the well-known Borromeo.

Centuries and centuries of pure beauty, art, tradition, folklore. Like when the greatest artists of all time looked out over that stretch of water to find inspiration for their works such as Hemingway or Charles Dickens who loved taking refuge on Isola Bella , a real paradise surrounded by nature.

Even the famous conductor Toscanini found inspiration for his music by looking at the slow movement of the lake and the atmosphere, over the centuries from the eighteenth century to today, does not seem to have changed. Therefore, the history of Lake Maggiore is not only made up of the monuments that anyone can visit on a holiday on the lake. The history of this land is made by the events, traditions and myths that accompany those who arrive on the shores of the lake on a mystical journey.