Discovering the history of Monferrato is a fascinating and stimulating adventure that will take you to know the origins of the human presence in Piedmont through archaeological artefacts, to then deepen the Lombard, Carolingian phase and retrace the history of the dynasties that alternated in controlling the territory. Monferrino.

The Aleramici, the Palologi, the Gonzagas and the Savoy were protagonists of the history of Monferrato and through the dynastic events of these families it is possible to tell a story of castles, buildings of worship, families, artists, cultures and traditions.

Among the symbolic elements of the Monferrino area are the Infernot, underground rooms built by hand-digging the canton stone, a particular type of sandstone from the Miocene era, whose geological history is linked to the formation of the Apennine chain. The absence of light and direct ventilation make this place an ideal place for storing wine, making the Infernots evocative witnesses of the centuries-old history of Monferrato winemaking, whose exceptional nature has ensured their inclusion in the World Heritage lists. UNESCO.

In the historical context of Monferrato we must not forget the extraordinary heritage of industrial archeology which tells the industrial history of the Monferrato areas and which tells the story of its inhabitants and its workers.