Terms & Conditions

Special clause for Covid-19 – period change or guaranteed refund

Notwithstanding the general rental conditions (and with particular reference to point 7 / Cancellations – Changes) if it is not possible to use the booked stay due to provisions issued by authorities public related to the Covid-19 health emergency (for example: lockdown, closure of borders, limitations on tourist / non-essential travel, quarantine obligation, etc.) CASE VACANZA PIEMONTE will grant the possibility to change the booking period or, alternatively , will reimburse the entire amount already paid for the lease (without applying any penalty).

Important: This special clause does not apply to other cases (even if related to the Covid-19 emergency) such as: closed restaurants, curfew, flight cancellation, illness of the client (including Covid) .

1 – Booking and prices

The booking of all properties presented on the website has the legal nature of rental for tourist purposes and is concluded by CASE VACANZA PIEMONTE on behalf of the respective owners / lessors under the conditions agreed with them. The prices indicated on the site for each property include both the rent of the accommodation and the commission paid to CASE VACANZA PIEMONTE and include all the consumptions and services indicated in the specific list “THE PRICE INCLUDES”. Any baby bed (cradle) and any extra bed (if available) must be requested at the time of booking. Not included in the price are all the services and consumptions indicated for each single accommodation in the specific list “THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE”, the cost of which will be paid locally. All properties are furnished and have an equipped kitchen or kitchenette (dishes, pots, fridge). The supply of household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, TV, etc.) is indicated in the description of each individual accommodation. It should be borne in mind that the properties are mostly private and therefore have different characteristics from each other. Therefore, any specific needs must be clearly specified at the time of booking before defining the contract and to be put in writing on the confirmation.

2 – Pets

Pets are allowed in some accommodations and are accepted only upon specific request and confirmation by CASE VACANZA PIEMONTE.The tourist tax is not included, if established in the Municipality of reference of the property, also to be paid on site .

3 – Rental duration – arrival time

The minimum length of stay is indicated on the page of each accommodation, usually starting between 16.00 / 20.00 and ending between 08.00 / 10.00. Any changes to the arrival and departure times must be agreed in advance with the keyholder and is subject to the acceptance of the latter. There is no refund if the departure is anticipated or the arrival is postponed.

4 – Number of guests

Only the people whose name appears on the CASE VACANZA PIEDMONT “Rental Voucher” will be able to occupy the property. Any substitutions of persons during the period of stay are allowed only if previously agreed with CASE VACANZA PIEMONTE. The number of people (adults + children) cannot exceed that declared at the time of booking and in any case cannot exceed the number of beds indicated on the website www.casevacanzapiemonte.con and holidayhousespiedmont.com. Not a single child up to 3 years old is counted in the number of people.

5 – Methods upon arrival – security deposit

You need to call 2-3 days before arrival to agree on how to deliver the accommodation. Upon arrival an identification document must be presented and a security deposit must be paid in euros equal to the amount indicated in the price list. The owner or his representative may refuse entry to the accommodation if the security deposit is not paid. The security deposit will be returned at the end of the stay after checking the inventory together with the return of the accommodation and after deduction of any damage caused to the accommodation itself.

6 – Cleaning and external maintenance

All accommodations are delivered clean and functional and final cleaning is included in the price. Upon return, the accommodation must be clean and tidy as found on arrival. If the accommodation is not returned in the above conditions, the owner or his representative is authorized to withhold from the security deposit up to a maximum of € 50.00 for additional cleaning costs. The owner or his representative has free access to the property to carry out the necessary maintenance operations (garden, swimming pool, etc.).

7 – Cancellations

The cancellation of an already confirmed reservation must be communicated in writing and will result in the application of a penalty that will be calculated on the entire price of the reservation. The closer the start date of the stay, the greater the amount of the penalty applied (the exact percentage of the penalty is indicated on the presentation page of each accommodation under “cancellation policy”).

8 – Changes

Changes of period or accommodation are considered cancellations and therefore the relative penalties will be applied. After 24 hours of non-arrival and in the absence of communication received at
CASE VACANZA PIEMONTE the reservation will be considered terminated and CASE VACANZA PIEMONTE will return the availability of the accommodation to the owner without any charge against him. PIEDMONT HOLIDAY could not make the booked property available, a property with similar characteristics will be assigned to the guest, subject to his approval. In the event that the above is not possible CASE VACANZA PIEDMONT will be obliged to cancel the booking and to refund the guest the amount paid and the guest will not be entitled to any further compensation.

9 – Complaints

Each proposed accommodation has been visited and checked by CASE VACANZA PIEMONTE which therefore declines all responsibility for any changes made by the owner without his knowledge. Upon arrival, the state of the property, the inventory, the functioning of the appliances must be checked and any complaints must be made within 24 hours. The repair of any faults occurring during the stay are the responsibility of the guest. CASE VACANZA PIEDMONT is available to solve any problems. To make this possible, it is imperative that complaints are made promptly. However, for all complaints made after 10 days from the end of the stay there is no right to any type of compensation.

10 – Jurisdiction

For any dispute or controversy, only the Novara (No) Judicial Authority is competent.